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The journal Opuscula entomologica and its supplement series were published in Lund, Sweden in the period 1936–1969 by the Entomological Society in Lund. Each volume contains 250–300 pages on insects and spiders, mainly on systematics but also, to some degree, on faunistics and morphology.

Bild på TrollsländaIn 1969 the national entomological journals in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, in which international papers and papers of local interest were published, were replaced by one Scandinavian journal where international contributions were published in English — Entomologica scandinavica. Simultaneously, Opuscula entomologica ceased to appear and its supplement series was continued as a supplement series of Entomologica scandinavica.

In 2000 (vol. 34)
the name Entomologica scandinavica was changed to Insect Systematics & Evolution and its supplement series continued under the new name. In both the journal and the supplement series the volume numbering continued uninterrupted from Entomologica scandinavica.

After 1969 the Lund Entomological Society no longer had a journal for its members, a state lasting until 1972 when Entomologen first appeared. Only five volumes were published (1972–1976); later that journal was followed by FaZett (1988–) [named after Fallén (1764–1830) and Zetterstedt (1785–1874), two famous entomologists in Lund].

The Lund University Museum of Zoology published Stobaeana between 1994 and 1998 for shorter reports based on material from the Museum. This journal is intended for exchange purpose only. It is named after Kilian Stobaeus (1690–1742) who founded the Museum in 1735 when he donated his collections to the University. Eleven issues were published which could be orderd from the Curator of the entomological museum:

New Supplement


Chironomidae of the Holarctic Region, the larvae. Suppl. 66. (571 pp., U.S.$ 112)


This is a completely revised guide to the identification, ecology and distribution of the larval Chironomidae of the Holarctic Region (N. America and Europe through to Japan and the Far East). The work aims to guide those who are not necessarily experts in the group to make accurate generic identifications, and lead to the substantial literature on each. Previous diagnoses and figures for all taxa are fully revised and keys improved. Newly described and recently associated larvae in described genera are incorporated. Relevant taxa and records from outside the region are included. A consistent terminology is applied across all subfamilies, with modifications proposed especially for the dorsal head sclerites and mandibular structures. For the Tanypodinae the sites of cephalic setae and pores are incorporated and illustrated across the subfamily consistently for the first time. After the introduction and section on morphology and subfamily key, subfamilies are treated in the following order: Buchonomyiinae, Podonominae, Tanypodinae, Telmatogetoninae, Diamesinae, Prodiamesinae, Ortho­cladiinae and Chironominae. A section on preservation of material for molecular study is included, with details of slide preparation and vouchering specimens for future researchers.


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Scandinavian Entomology Ltd. is a small company editing, publishing and selling entomology (incl. spiders and Acari) only. We accept orders via e-mail (preferably) and letter. Payment to our plus giro, by tranfer to our bank SEB (information on the invoice) or by PayPal account to our e-mail address ( Payment directly by check or card is not possible. Prices are given in Swedish currency (SEK) without delivery costs, except for suppl. ESS 66 (delivery included).

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