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The six volumes of The Ground-Beetles (Carabidae, excl. Cicindelidae) of Canada and Alaska by Carl H. Lindroth (Nos. 20, 24, 29, 33, 34, 35) are delievered by air mail at a price of SEK 950 + postage and check redemption SEK 340 .

OES 1.
LARSÉN, O. Untersuchungen über den Geschlechtsapparat der aquatilen Wanzen/ Investigations on the genitalia of the aquatic bugs/. 1938. 388 pp. SEK 96.

OES 2.
ANDER, K. Vergleichend-anatomische und phylogenetische Studien über die Ensifera (Saltatoria)/ Comparative anatomic and phylogenetic studies on Ensifera (Saltatoria)/. 1939. 314 pp. SEK 80.

OES 3.
AGRELL, I. Zur ökologie der Collembolen. Untersuchungen im schwedischen Lappland/ On the ecology on Collembola. Investigations in Swedish Lapland/ 1941. 236 pp. SEK 280.

OES 4.
MALAISE, R. Tenthredinoidea of south-eastern Asia. 1945. 288 pp. 20 pls.
SEK 96.

OES 5.
BACKLUND, H. O. Wrack fauna of Sweden and Finland. Ecology and chorology. 1945. 237 pp. 6 pls. SEK 96.

OES 6.
HANSSON, Å. Lauterzeugung und Lautauffassung der Bienen/ Sound production and conception of sound among bees/. 1945. 124 pp. SEK 64.

OES 7.
PALM, N. B. Normal and pathological histology of the ovaries in Bombus Latr. (Hymenopt.). 1948. 101 pp. SEK 64.

OES 8.
EHNBOM, K. Studies in the central and sympathetic nervous system and some sense organs in the head of neuropteroid insects. 1948. 162 pp. SEK 64.

OES 9.
BRUCE, N. The Scandinavian species of the genus Orthoperus Steph. (Coleoptera). 1948. 36 pp., 4 pls. SEK 50.

OES 10.
OSSIANNILSSON, F. Insect drummers. A study on the morphology and function of the sound-producing organ of Swedish Homoptera Auchenorrhynca. 1949. 146 pp., 13 pls. SEK 80.

OES 11.
BRINCK, P. Studies on Swedish Stoneflies (Plecoptera). 1949. 250 pp. Out of print.

OES 12.
LINDROTH, C. H. The carabid beetles of Newfoundland including the French islands St. Pierre and Miquelon. 160 pp., 58 figs. SEK 144.

OES 13.
FRIDÉN, A. Coleopterfaunan i Tärna. En ekologisk-djurgeografisk studie/ The coleopterous fauna in Tärna, Swedish Lapland — a study of ecology and animal geography/. 1956. 128 pp. SEK 120.

OES 14.
ARDÖ, P. Studies in the marine shore dune ecosystem with special reference to the dipterous fauna. 1957. 255 pp. SEK 200. (2 vols remain!)

OES 15.
DAHL, R. G:SON. Studies on Scandinavian Ephydridae (Diptera: Brachycera). 1959. 224 pp. Out of print.

OES 16.
PALM, T. Die Holz- und Rinden-Käfer der süd- und mittelschwedischen Laubbäume [The south and middle Swedish wood- and barkliving beetles. With Eng. summary. The ecology, distribution and economical importance of 820 spp. are treated] 1959. 374 pp., 93 photos. SEK 160.

OES 17.
HASSELROTH, T. Studies on Swedish Bumblebees (Genus Bombus Latr.). Their domestication and biology. 1960. 192 pp., 51 photos. SEK 96.

OES 18.
KLEFBECK, E. & SJöBERG, O. (Eds.). Catalogus Insectorum Sueciae. Coleoptera/ A list of the known distribution of 4,058 Swedish, 3,090 Norwegian, 3,443 Finnish and 3,486 Danish beetles/. 1960. 263 pp. SEK 160.

OES 19.
LANDIN, B.-O. Ecological studies on Dung-Beetles. 1961. 228 pp. Out of print.

OES 20.
LINDROTH, C. H. The Ground-Beetles (Carabidae, excl. Cicindelidae) of Canada and Alaska. Part 2. 1961. 200 pp. SEK 144.

OES 21.
CARLSSON, G. Studies on Scandinavian Black Flies. 1962. 280 pp. SEK 120.

OES 22.
CEDERHOLM, L. Ecological studies on Thysanoptera, with special reference to species found in mixed grain (oats and barley). 1963. 215 pp. SEK 100.

OES 23.
LINDROTH, C. H. The faunal history of Newfoundland. Illustrated by Carabid beetles. 1963. 112 pp. SEK 80.

OES 24.
LINDROTH, C. H. The Ground-Beetles (Carabidae, excl. Cicindelidae) of Canada and Alaska. Part 3. 1963. 208 pp. SEK 133.

OES 25.
ANANTHAKRISHNAN, T. N. A contribution to our knowledge of the Tubulifera (Thysanoptera) from India. 1964. 120 pp. SEK 65.

OES 26.
BRUCE, N. Studier över coleopterfaunan i vätarna på Ölands alvar/ Studies on Coleoptera of temporary pools on the island of Öland in the Baltic. With Engl. summary/. 1964. 99 pp. SEK 65.

OES 27.
DAHL, C. Studies on swarming activity in Trichoceridae (Diptera) in southern Sweden. 1965. 68 pp. SEK 65.

OES 28.
BALL, G. E. A revision of the North American species of the subgenus Cryobius Chaudoir (Pterostichus, Carabidae, Coleoptera). 1966. 166 pp. SEK 144.

OES 29.
LINDROTH, C. H. The Ground-Beetles (Carabidae, excl. Cicindelidae) of Canada and Alaska. Part 4. 1966. 240 pp. SEK 180.

OES 30.
LARSÉN, O. On the morphology and function of the locomotor organs of the Gyrinidae and other Coleoptera. 1966. 242 pp. SEK 120.

OES 31.
GILLERFORS, G. Insektfaunans zonering i Östergötlands skärgård. Coleoptera och Hemiptera Heteroptera/ Zonation of the insect fauna in the archipelago of Östergötland in Sweden/. 1966. 124 pp. SEK 120.

OES 32.
LANDIN, B.-L. The diel flight activity of Dung-Beetles (Coleoptera Scarabaeidae). A study of the influence of environmental factors, with particular reference to the light. 1968. 172 pp. SEK 150.

OES 33.
LINDROTH, C. H. The Ground-Beetles (Carabidae, excl. Cicindelidae) of Canada and Alaska. Part 5. 1968. 296 pp. SEK 200.

OES 34.
LINDROTH, C. H. The Ground-Beetles (Carabidae, excl. Cicindelidae) of Canada and Alaska. Part 6. 1969. 248 pp. SEK 200.

OES 35.
LINDROTH, C. H. The Ground-Beetles (Carabidae, excl. Cicindelidae) of Canada and Alaska. Part 1. 1969. 48 pp. SEK 65.

OES 36.
BÖDVARSSON, H. Studies of Onychiurus armatus (Tullberg) and Folsomia quadrioculata (Tullberg) (Collembola). With special reference to morphology and taxonomy. 1970. 182 pp. SEK 160.


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