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Entomologica Scandinavica Supplement 9

now changed to Insect Systematics and Evolution Supplement


ESS 9.
HEIE, O. E.: Revision of the aphid genus Nasonovia Mordvilko, including Kakimia Hottes & Frison, with keys and descriptions of the species of the world (Homoptera: Aphididae). 1979. 104 pp. SEK 72.

History; morphology, relation to other genera and key to subgenera within Nasonovia; descriptions of Nasonovia, Eokakimia n.subgen., Ranakimia n.subgen., Kakimia, Capitosiphon n.subgen.; host plants, evolution and zoogeography; description of Cryptomyzus michaelseni; measurements; index of host plants; addendum on apparently lost types.