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Entomologica Scandinavica Supplement 18

now changed to Insect Systematics and Evolution Supplement


ESS 18.
ENGHOFF, H.: The milliped genus Cylindroiulus on Madeiraan insular species swarm (Diplopoda, Julida: Julidae). 1982. 142 pp. SEK 104.

25 endemic species from Madeira are treated, intra- and inter-specific morphology diversity is described and analyzed with graphical and statistical methods, incl. a principal components analysis of segment numbers and podomere measurements. To a limited degree, differences in morphology are functionally interpreted. The development of sexual maturity is analyzed in terms of stadial number, number of podous segments and body diameter. The systematic position of the madeirae-group and the interrelationships of the species within the group are discussed from a cladistic point of view.