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Entomologica Scandinavica Supplement 27

now changed to Insect Systematics and Evolution Supplement


ESS 27.
GÄRDENFORS, U.: Taxonomic and biological revision of Palearctic Ephedrus (Hymenoptera: Braconidae, Aphidiinae). 1986. 95 pp. SEK 65

Descriptions, keys to females and males, biological notes are presented for the 18 Palearctic species, including four new species The genus is divided into three subgenera one of which is subdivided into three species-groups Four new synonymies are given. The introductory sections discuss evolution, inter- and intrageneric cladistic relationships (presenting cladograms, partly based on new characters), intraspeciefic variation, adaptation, host specificity, sex ratio, hyperparasitoids and morphological terminology, emphasizing wing venation (the Ross-Comstock-Needham system is advocated) and female and male terminalia. A compiled host catalogue is given. Illustrated with 202 drawings and 3 cladograms. 142 literature references.