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Entomologica Scandinavica Supplement 55

now changed to Insect Systematics and Evolution Supplement


ESS 55.
KOMAI, F.. A taxonomic revision of the genus Grapholita and allied genera (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in the Palaearctic region1999. 226 pp. SEK 320.

The tribe Grapholitini in the Palaearctic region is revised on the basis of a phylogenetic analysis, which has resulted in recognizing three main genus groups defined here, the Dichrorampha genus group, the Cydia genus group, and the Grapholita genus group. Synapomorphic characters are provided to support the monophyly of the genus groups as well as that of the tribe Grapholitini. The Grapholita genus group has been studied in detail and the phylogenetic relationships among genera have been resolved as far as possible. The Grapholita genus group includes the following eleven genera: Thaumatotibia Zacher, gen. rev., Cryptophlebia Walsingham, Matsumuraeses Issiki, Selania Stephens, Grapholita Treitschke, Pammene Hübner, Dierlia Diakonoff, Pseudopammene Komai, Parapammene Obraztsov, Strophedra Herrich-Schäffer, and Andrioplecta Obraztsov.

Ecological diversification such as geographical distribution, host plant preferences, larval habits, and sex pheromones are summarized. Each genus is redescribed including synonymy, diagnosis, hosts, distribution, and a list of included species. Five new generic synonyms are proposed: Metriophlebia Diakonoff removed from a synonym of Cryptophlebia as a synonym of Thaumatotibia Zacher; Pammenodes Danilevsky & Kuznetzov, Mimarsinania Koçak, and Diplosemaphora Diakonoff as synonyms of Parapammene; Strophedromorpha Diakonoff as a synonym of Strophedra Herrich-Schäffer. Seven new species are described: Grapholita yasudai Komai, Grapholita okui Komai, Grapholita latericia Komai, Pammene fulminea Komai, Pammene piceae Komai, Parapammene reversa Komai, and Strophedra magna Komai.

Lectotypes are designated for Laspeyresia (Grapholitha) cerasana Kozhanchikov and Pammene tsugae Issiki. One synonym, Cryptophlebia lasiandra (Meyrick), is reinstated as a valid species. The following new combinations are given: Thaumatotibia agriochlora (Meyrick), T. apicinudana (Mabille), T. batrachopa (Meyrick), T. chaomorpha (Meyrick), T. citrogramma (Clarke), T. dolichogonia (Diakonoff), T. ecnomia (Diakonoff), T. encarpa (Meyrick), T. etiennei (Diakonoff), T. eutacta (Diakonoff), T. fulturana (Kuznetzov), T. hemitoma (Diakonoff), T. leucotreta (Meyrick), T. macrogona (Diakonoff), T. macrops (Diakonoff), T. nannophthalma (Diakonoff), T. nythobia (Clarke), Selania aeologramma (Meyrick), S. bengalica (Obraztsov), S. diplosperma (Diakonoff), S. exornata (Diakonoff), S. minuta (Obraztsov), Grapholita geministriata (Walsingham), Acanthoclita phaulomorpha (Meyrick), Pammene cyanatra (Diakonoff), P. leucitis (Meyrick), Parapammene amphibola (Diakonoff), P. ellipticopa (Meyrick), P. glaucana (Kennel), P. harmologa (Obraztsov), P. hexaphora (Meyrick), P. petulantana (Kennel), Strophedra dicastica (Meyrick), S. homotorna (Meyrick), S. mica (Diakonoff), S. graphologa (Diakonoff), and S. pericapna (Diakonoff).