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Entomologica Scandinavica Supplement 57

now changed to Insect Systematics and Evolution Supplement


ESS 57.
Brake, I.: Phylogenetic systematics of the Milichiidae (Diptera, Schizophora). 2000. 120 pp.
SEK 200.

A phylogenetic tree based on adult characters is proposed for the Milichiidae. The computer-based cladistic analysis employed 23 taxa and 53 characters. The monophyly of the Milichiidae and of the subfamily Milichiinae is confirmed. However, the subfamily Madizinae in its former sense is para-phyletic and has therefore been restricted to the genera
Desmometopa, Leptometopa, Litometopa, and Madiza.

These genera are more closely related to the Milichiinae than to the genera Aldrichiomyza, Costalima, genus nov. 1, Microsimus, Neophyllomyza, Paramyia, Phyllomyza, Stomosis, and Xenophyllomyza. For these latter genera, the new subfamily Phyllomyzinae is established. The sister-group of the Milichiidae is the Chloropidae. It is suggested that the Acartophthalmidae is the sister-group of the Milichiidae + Chloropidae, based on the elongation and coiling up of the spermathecal ducts.

The Acartophthalmidae has been used to represent the outgroup for the computer-based cladistic analysis. The morphology and character transformations within the Milichiidae are discussed and the stem-species pattern of the Milichiidae is compared with the stem-species pattern of the Chloropidae, Acartophthalmidae, Carnidae, and the Chloropidae family-group.


The main emphasis is laid on the morphology of the labella, ovipositor, female reproductive system, and male genitalia. A catalogue of world Milichiidae and a key to genera are given.