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Entomologica Scandinavica Supplement 59

now changed to Insect Systematics and Evolution Supplement


ESS 59.
Rognes, K.: Blowflies (Diptera, Calliphoridae) of Israel and adjacent areas, including a new species from Tunisia. 2002. 148 pp. SEK 200.

Calliphoridae of Israel and adjacent areas (Gaza Strip, West Bank, Golan heights, and the Sinai Peninsula) are revised. 43 species in 12 genera occur in the area.


A new species from Tunisia is included, and thus 44 species are dealt with. Ten species are described as new to science, one in the subfamily Calliphorinae, Bellardia nova n. sp., and nine in the subfamily Rhiniinae, Cosmina fishelsohni n.sp., Rhyncomya aravaensis n.sp., R. cyanicolor n.sp., R. negevi n.sp., R. paralutea n.sp., R. sinaiensis n.sp., R. subspeciosa n.sp., R. tunisia n.sp., and R. yahavensis n.sp.


Keys to subfamilies, genera and species are provided. Male and female genitalia are described and illustrated for all new species, for all other Rhiniinae recorded from the area covered (except those figured satisfactorily elsewhere), for Chrysomya albiceps and C. marginalis, for Pollenia dasypoda Portschinsky, and for Bellardia tatrica (Enderlein).


The nominal genus Metallea Wulp is sunk as a junior synonym of Rhyncomya Robineau-Desvoidy, n. syn. The nominal species R. koschewnikovi Rohdendorf, 1930 is sunk as a synonym of R. callopis (Loew) n. syn. A neotype is designated for the nominal species Idia speciosa Loew, 1844 (now in Rhyncomya). The holotype of Idia cyanescens Loew, 1844, is re-discovered and labelled. A lectotype is designated for Onesia fulviceps Egger, 1855.


Three rhiniine species, i.e. R. callopis (Loew), R. sinaiensis n.sp. and R. yahavensis n.sp., are established to have a macrolarviparous reproduction, the first time that such a life history has been reported in Rhiniinae. In two of these species, a large first instar larva was recovered from the female abdomen which it filled for the whole length. The first instar larva of R. sinaiensis n.sp. is described and figured.


These three species plus R. negevi n. sp. form a callopis-species group, all having strong spines along the lower edge of the surstylus. Two rhiniine species, i.e. R. aravaensis n.sp. and R. yahavensis n.sp., are bred from moth larvae. Cosmina arabica Robineau-Desvoidy and Rhyncomya impavida (Rossi) are removed from the list of Calliphoridae from Israel and adjacent areas.