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Entomologica Scandinavica Supplement 60

now changed to Insect Systematics and Evolution Supplement


ESS 60.
Johanson, K. A. Systematic revision of the American Helicopsyche of the subgenus Feropsyche (Trichoptera, Helicopsychidae). 2002. 147 pp. SEK 200.

Sixty-four of the seventy-two American Helicopsyche von Siebold, 1856, species within Feropsyche Johanson, 1998, are re-described based on type material and non-type material when types are unavailable.


Reproductions of the original descriptions of the remaining eight species are given in order to present a comprehensive overview of the subgenus in America. Helicopsyche woytkowskii Ross, 1956, earlier synonymized with Helicopsyche peruana Banks, 1920 is considered a valid species. Helicopsyche falcigona Botosaneanu & Flint, 1991a, earlier synonymized with H. ochthephlebia Flint, 1968 is considered a valid species.


Helicopsyche molesta Botosaneanu in Botosaneanu & Hyslop, 1998 is considered a good species. Helicopsyche margaritensis Botosaneanu, 1959, is considered a junior synonym under Helicopsyche vergelana Ross, 1956. Valvata agglutinans Lechmere Guppy, 1864 is considered a synonym under Helicopsyche maculisternum Botosaneanu & Alkins-Koo, 1993.


A key to the males is presented, and maps showing the distribution of all examined species based on the examined material is given.