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Entomologica Scandinavica Supplement 62

now changed to Insect Systematics and Evolution Supplement


ESS 62.
Almquist, Sven, The Swedish Araneae. Part 1. The families Atypidae to Hahniidae (Linyphiidae excluded). 284 pp. 2005. SEK 400.

Part 1 describes 18 families — 199 species. Each of them is illustrated with one plate of figures (each with 4–9 figures) making a total of about 1,300 figures. The vast majority of them are drawn by the author from living specimens showing both the habitus of the species and details important for the determination of the species.


The first chapter gives a brief, illustrated, description of spider morphology together with a complete list of all Swedish spider taxa, an explanation of abbreviations used in the illustrations and of the distributions maps that accompanies all the species.


Each family, subfamily, species-group and genus is diagnosed and a key with ample references to illustrations is given.
For each species a description of male and female morphology and colors is given together with relevant measurements.
Under the heading “Distribution” the known distribution of the species is given, (like Palaearctic, Scandinavia, Britain etc.) For Sweden the distribution is mapped and given as a list of land-scapes. In “Habitat” information on the kind of biotopes in which the species lives, is found, while “Biology”
describes mating behaviour, feeding and season of appearance for adults and spiderlings in Sweden.