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Entomologica Scandinavica Supplement 64

now changed to Insect Systematics and Evolution Supplement


ESS 64.
Bengtson, Sven-Axel (Ed.). On Icelandic terrestrial arthropods and soil fauna. 159 pp. 2007. SEK 200.

The volume contains an introduction by the editor and 5 separate chapters on Islandica flora and fauna including a broad, thorough treatment of the history of discussions on the origin of Islandic biota:
Rundgren, Sten: Glacial survival, post-glacial immigration, and a millenium of human impact: On search for a biogeography of Iceland. (pp. 5–44)

Fjellberg, Arne: Icelandic Collembola, revised checklist and general comments. (pp. 45–60).

Kjaerandsen, J., Kurina, O. & Olafsson, E.: The fungus gnats of Iceland (Diptera, Keroplatidae & Mycetophiliodae). (pp. 61–96).

Bengtson, S. A. & Hauge, E.: Spiders in Iceland: distribution, species richness, and faunal changes. (pp. 97–120)
Rundgren, Sten: Lumbricidae in Iceland. (pp. 121–159).